5 Reasons to get the Party Bus


Danny is always looking for a reason to get a party bus and my impending 30th birthday has been his latest sales pitch. Not overly enthused by the milestone, I’ve been resistant; however, a recent Facebook memory has warmed me up to the idea.

I’ve never been a party girl but Cara’s bachelorette party is probably the closet I’ve gotten. Seeing us young, fit and having fun brought back some great memories.

Between Danny and Facebook, I can’t help but think of all the reasons to call Michigan Limo Bus and get the party bus.

1. Dance Party
We were in South Bend recently for a wedding and I was reluctantly forced back to the hotel for Mr. B’s and Lucas’ benefit. I LOVE a dance party and a party bus is an awesome venue.

2. Everyone can be there
No one likes to drive. And now that we’re old, the thought of hopping in a car for a party sounds less appealing by the day. Having the party come to you (and bring you home) is hard to beat and I can’t imagine celebrating without all of my ladies.

3. No need for a DD
If we can pick everyone up and take everyone home, no one needs to worry abstaining as the DD. A party is a party and everyone should have a good time.

4. No Parking Problems
We’re the Motor City and cars are a must. It’s no secret that my travel destinations are highly influenced by the parking accommodations offered. To remove the headache of where to park, do I need to feed the meter and what is happening to my car will definitely offer more time to relax and enjoy the evening. It’ll also offer the perfect excuse to go somewhere new that does not offer convenient parking.

30 is a big deal and the 20s were amazing – let’s give Facebook more fun nights to remind me about later.

One thought on “5 Reasons to get the Party Bus

  1. I like how you said that with a party bus, the party comes to you and you can celebrate with everyone in one vehicle. My friend is getting married and is wanting to have a bachelorette party. If she wants all of the girls to go to dinner together, and to have a good time, I think getting a bu would be a good idea, and a way to make fun memories.


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