4 Ingredient Dinner for Four

20187389_10108730344616223_2101233429_oWe often have dinner guests during the week and between work and daycare pick up it can be a challenge. I’ve had to accept that are meals aren’t as elaborate as they used to be but I like them at least look elaborate. This four ingredient meal doesn’t take a lot of work, costs less than $20, and it’s healthy. It takes a little time but no attention.

  1. Spray a baking sheet with pan and toss in the cut butternut squash and half the bag of shaved Brussels sprouts. Place the chicken on top of the vegetables and bake.
  2. After 30 minutes toss the vegetables a bit to cover them in the juices and add the rest of the Brussels sprouts.
  3. After another 30 minutes (chicken in oven for an hour), start the Couscous. Make sure you get the 5 minute box because it is literally boiling water, oil and seasoning packet, removing from heat, adding couscous and putting a lid on the pot for five minutes.
  4. Check the chicken, depending on the size it may need more time but after an hour it’s usually done.
  5. Set the table and enjoy!

You’ll should have enough money left in the budget for some two-buck Chuck too! Gotta love Trader Joe’s.


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