Coffee Talk


It’s been a busy week so I can think of no better way to kick-off the weekend than with girl power inspiration and coffee!

Rocky Coronado moved her business – Rocky’s Road Brew – from her hometown Austin, Texas to Southwest Detroit this year after only a handful of visits and no family ties.

In Texas, Rocky experienced some of the same gentrification issues we are dealing with here. When she was priced out of East Austin, she moved to Northeast Austin – a coffee desert. Tired of working tirelessly for others, she decided to work for herself and bought a coffee truck. Rocky’s air roasted coffee technique is one of a kind in Detroit. It keeps the beans moving and prevents any from burning and altering the flavor of the coffee. Her Vietnamese coffee over ice is amazing! When you pay her a visit, if she has vegan breakfast tacos – get them! Seriously the best taco I’ve ever had.

When I heard Rocky’s story, I had to ask the obvious question – why Detroit?

“I love Detroit. I call it the ODB – like the rapper Old Dirty Bastard. He got that name because there was no father to his style. Detroit is the ODB of American Cities.”

As we generate new energy this weekend I invite you to be inspired by Rocky and the ODB (a city that has transformed before our eyes) and be bold. Take a chance, push yourself a little further, try something new.

And next time you’re in Detroit (or Dearborn because it’s close) during the week, visit Rocky and order a Vietnamese coffee.



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