Lucas is pure joy

Today was a hard day to be an adult but I’d live it over a thousand times because it was the best day to be a mom.

Lucas is amazing and he blew me away constantly. He’s so smart, sweet and funny – I don’t know how I got so lucky.

  • Lucas gave the BEST hugs. Arms and legs wrapped around me, his head curled in my neck and tight squeezes. If I had to pick a moment to live on repeat that would be it.
  • When I picked him up from Grandpa’s I asked him to sit in his rocking chair and he sprinted over to it, hopped in and buckled up with a huge grin on his face the entire time. He also put Elmo on his toy plane and raced him around the house.
  • He’s learning to play independently and I love watching his mind at work. He took his IKEA tool kit and played mechanic with his plane (I have no idea how he even got the idea!). He decided to combine his favorite sports and put a basketball on his baseball tee and swung with his hockey stick. He did push-ups like Danny. He sets himself up at his little table and plays with his Play-Doh toys and scribbles intently on paper. When we took him outside he didn’t race to the park but listened and grabbed his wagon to play in the backyard while Danny changed a tire. He’s memorizing more books and is getting really good at his ABCs too.
  • He’s terrified of the vacuum but loves to sweep. He loves helping to put away dishes from the dishwasher and has taken to grabbing all of the silverware at once before handing it over.
  • When he did get a time out he didn’t cry and when I came to get him, he apologized without being prompted.
  • The best part of the day was the hour before bedtime when we played in bed. We started by reading stories and we would make the animal sounds roaring like a lion, oo oo eeing like monkeys and saying ribbit. He loves to make the noises continuously and I repeat him, he’ll change up which sound he makes to keep me on my toes. He’s very intuitive and when we played peek-a-boo he made sure Chester and Elmo were covering my eyes (opposed to my nose or something) and would switch up peeking at me from the left, right, top or bottom. He’s starting to engage with his stuffed buddies and wanted to make sure Chester and Elmo were in the ‘cave’ with us (i.e. blanket over his head). We ended the night with acrobatics – I hold him upside down and flip him around and he laughs like crazy.

These moments were only from today. There are just as many from yesterday and the day before (the pictures capture a few). I know I won’t remember all of them but I hope I remember most of them – one perk to social media.

His new favorite hand gesture
He’s always trying to be a grown-up
He’s ADDICTED to Elmo – we’re weaning him. Estella is also his favorite friend.
I asked Lucas to sit next to Emily for a picture and he raced over and assumed the same position I had him do the time before.
Goldfish, chips, cereal, crackers, whatever it is it will end up on the floor. It’s a nice reminder that he is still a baby.

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