Life Lately


Social media can be exhausting but sometimes it can be inspiring too. My cousin Johannah shared this picture and it really brightened my spirits. A beautiful view of Detroit and a rare double rainbow during Pride Month – it’s hard not to feel hopeful when you see it. Since life has been too busy for regular blogging, I thought I’d catch up on a few things.

I really liked this month’s Book of the Month selection The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and I’m hoping to read In the Company of Women from the library before July’s book arrives.

Since it’s the Harry Potter anniversary I took a Sorting Hat quiz and was surprised to discover I’m a Hufflepuff.

I was reminded that I forgot to include DCFC on our summer list. It’s now a bonus item and I’m really looking forward to a summer evening in Hamtramck – I hope it doesn’t rain.

My BSG peeps reunited and I loved watching the convention video People put together. It may sound ridiculous but fandoms are great and the actors on Battlestar Galactica do not disappoint on the show or in person (it’s about humanity not aliens and is a definite must-watch).

If you have a Starbucks freebie get a venti Berry Prickly Pear Frapp with three espresso shots (ask for raspberry sauce instead of mango) – trust me.

Lucas is obsessed with Sesame Street and we watch it all the time (I’m watching it now). I like the new episodes but I’m appalled that it’s on HBO and has been Twitterized (i.e. shortened and superficial). I was beyond thrilled when Lindsey showed me that old episodes are on Amazon Prime Video! Anyway the show really changes my thoughts on parenting (a blog post perhaps) – this video on American education is thought-provoking too.

We are desperately trying to finish the kitchen and basement projects before our 1 year homeowner anniversary (August 1st). I think there’s a chance we will make it but there’s a list of other things I want to do next: convert my office to a guest room so Mr. B can use it when he wants, a couple wall collages in the basement, a practical design for the kids area and design a side patio area, window treatments – oh and decorative pillows for our couches! Basically I need to stay off Pinterest and Instagram because it gives me more ideas than my budget will allow…

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