Summer Bucket List


The quiet on the blog is evidence of the not-so-quiet in life right now. There are more things to do than days lately and I’m trying to figure it all out. It’s a daily struggle made harder by the news of the day, the Philando Castile verdict has left me shaken. With that very much on my heart and mind, I can’t forget that time waits for no woman and since I am blessed with my family I won’t squander a minute of our time together. It’s officially summer and the beautiful long days will be gone far too quickly. Here are some of the things I want to accomplish in the next two months:

  1. Trip to the Detroit Zoo 
  2. Mt. Elliot Splash Pad
  3. Eastern Market
  4. Frederik Meijer Gardens
  5. Huckleberry Railroad
  6. Spree fireworks
  7. Drive-in movie
  8. Run Kensington
  9. Find paletas
  10. Go on a bike ride
  11. Overnight getaway with Danny
  12. Try the new Hudsonville Vernors’ ice cream
  13. Swim in Lake Michigan
  14. Go to a Tigers game
  15. Outdoor concert
  16. Picnic in East Lansing
  17. Host a BBQ
  18. Ride the QLine
  19. Turtle Cove Aquatic Center
  20. Read & relax at Sheldon Pool

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