Lucas is ONE!


One year! How is it possible? I remember everything about Lucas’ birth like it was yesterday including seeing him in the OR and holding him in post-op. I’ve clung to every minute, grateful beyond measure for this wonderful blessing.

Lucas is the light of our life. He is so happy and makes everyone around him happy. His smile lights up a room. I do my best to keep him happy but I know I can’t keep him in a bubble forever so I hope that he will always have his positive, cheerful outlook on life.

Lucas is the center of our universe and he knows it. He’s adventurous and LOVES to get into new things and he knows he shouldn’t. He’ll look at us with a charming albiet devilish grin and pretends to not understand the word no.

Lately he’s made a game of throwing pillows off our bed over and over again. He started with our little pillows and moved on to regular size. He then turns around to get off the bed feet first (with assistance), hefts the pillow up to me and waits to be pulled up on the bed to start all over again. I’m so impressed by his strength and creativity.

Lucas is walking! Only a couple steps at a time but he’s doing it. He gets a good squat and shuffles one foot than another. When he’s holding a hand he’s good to go and he loves to practice by pushing ottomans

He’s sleeping in his own room and mostly through the night. I miss him but I’m proud of him for doing so well independently. He has a light up musical whale that he often entertains himself with him in the middle of the night.

As always, he’s obsessed with Dada. He calls for Danny 100x a day at minimum – including adorable late night chats with himself. He copies his behavior and they have fun, silly games that I worry Lucas will try to play with someone else because they’ll think he’s nuts.

Lucas is truly an avid reader and so smart. He knows queues from books already (hugs and kisses from mom being his favorite – mine too!) and has started to leisurely look through books on his own.

He’s a little Tom Brady and has a great arm! Since he’s really a little Napolean, we’ll see what the sport world holds for him.

Lucas is also pretty dramatic. He already collapse on the floor when he doesn’t get his way. My favorite is when he’s trying something new but can’t get it quite right he spreads out his arms and collapse backwards with feigned exhaustion! It’s adorable but we make sure to pull him up and motivate him to keep going.

His frustration often stems from his shape box. He’s really good at it! He knows which direction to hold the block and sometimes even knows what shape goes in what hole without prompting!

His natural rhythm has taken form in dancing now and he loves to shake his booty when music plays.

Our Little Meatball has changed my life in ways I didn’t even know were possible. He’s my lucky charm and has my heart forever. As quickly as this year went by, I can’t imagine how fast the following ones will go so I will cling to every second I get to hold him, cuddle him, read to him, watch him learn, laugh and love. Lucas Mikhail you are the best little boy in the universe.


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