Happy Friday


The Challenge – Unedited Photo

The Picture – In this crazy world, it’s easy to lose hope in humanity. This week’s picture is validation that there are good people in the world and the proof comes in the form of cookies! This beautiful and delicious (I did a quality test) cookie was made by Ashley (nee Smith). I was Carrie Smith so our lockers were next to each other for many years. We saw each other every day but didn’t hang out. We became Facebook friends in college (she referred me to a great dentist) and we occasionally saw each other at the gym but our attempts to meet up for coffee and lunch never came to fruition. When I commented on a picture she posted of gorgeous looking Valentine’s Day cookies she shared the link. When I asked how long it took to make, she said hours and I said ‘lol – definitely not happening for Lucas’ birthday’. Minutes later she messages me and offers to make party favors!

I couldn’t believe she made such a generous offer and didn’t bring it up again in case she forgot but nope. Last night she sent a picture of gorgeous cookies that she even wrapped. Ashley hasn’t met Lucas and hasn’t seen me in years but she took all this time and energy to make his birthday a bit more special. Not only that she asked for NOTHING in return! With people like Ashley in the world perhaps there is hope for the future.

P.S. Captain America is also a good human

2 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. You are so welcome Carrie! With the way the world has been feeling lately, I vowed do more things to put good in the world. Baking cookies was such a simple thing. It’s a shame we never made more of our 4 years as locker neighbors. I’m very much looking forward to changing that and becoming closer with you. Happy Birthday to the most handsome boy. You’re a wonderful mother, he’s very lucky to have you!


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