Fast Four

Life is in top gear these days. We are moving full (time working and parenting) speed ahead with the kitchen and should be completely done by next week! Lucas’ first ear infection has slowed us down a little this week but thankfully he’s in good spirits and on the mend! Collins and Murkowski are prime … More Fast Four

Time for change

  Winter blues got me this year and now that the sun is out a little longer, the boots are back in storage and it looks like the winter coats will soon follow, I’m feeling refreshed and motivated for the months ahead. Our to-do list is lengthy but one thing I no longer wanted to … More Time for change

Carried Away

When I decided to refocus this blog’s emphasis on Detroit last month there were some things I didn’t consider – such as people reading what I write.  It was my hope but not necessarily my expectation.  Consequently, Destiny Is For Losers seemed perfectly acceptable as a title.  It’s an inspirational quote to me but it was … More Carried Away

A New Direction

Destiny Is For Losers has always been inspired by the wise words of Blair Waldorf: “Destiny is for losers. It’s just a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen.”  Thus far this blog’s focus has been the things I’ve done to forego future regret and keep a productive lifestyle. … More A New Direction


I’ve been wanting to do something new with this blog for awhile and decided to see what I could pull off. Window’s Paint is traditionally my go to program for computer graphic needs; however, I always end up with the same look (i.e. 1997).   Being that it is 2013, I decided to see what … More PicMonkey