Time for change



Winter blues got me this year and now that the sun is out a little longer, the boots are back in storage and it looks like the winter coats will soon follow, I’m feeling refreshed and motivated for the months ahead.

Our to-do list is lengthy but one thing I no longer wanted to post-pone was an update for the blog.  This isn’t the first make-over and it probably won’t be the last but for now it fits this stage of life.

I love Detroit but as mom time has eaten up my blog time, the emphasis on the city isn’t as prominent as it used to be. I created a new Detroit page that links to information about the people and places that make the city great. I also have some Detroit posts in mind for the weeks ahead.

The other new page is for Danny’s photography. He has a natural talent for taking pictures and loves doing it. I love having pictures to look back and remember special moments of life and I want to help others record their special moments too. So we’re going to tap into that ‘Detroit Hustles Harder’ mojo and launch Carried Away Photography for individual and family portrait sessions. And if there are businesses out there that want pictures for their website or social media pages, we can help with that too.

In terms of content I’m not planning any major changes. With less time to type, there will be fewer posts perhaps but I enjoy blogging and will continue to do so when I can.

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