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Books are a central part of my life and my identity. Growing up I wouldn’t go anywhere without a book. My favorite part of going to the mall was the clearance Babysitter Club books at JCPenny. My first job was at the local library and it’s where I met Danny. I’ve written stories for as long as I can remember and I have aspirations (but not yet the talent) to write more. I’m part of the Book of the Month Club and a Kindle makes me cringe because I need to feel pages in my hand.

It’s a passion I hope to pass on to Lucas and so far so good. He’s already memorized books and will sit and listen to entire books – which for a boy on the move is pretty impressive.

As busy as life is with work, family, friends, and chores, I’ve noticed that I still always find time to read – even when that time is two o’clock in the morning.

Book reviews and recommendations have always been posted on the blog but I decided to make it part of the blog too. I added my current read to the side bar and created a separate Books page. It includes my current read, my favorite books, a reading log and a reading wish list. The last is more for me than anything else because I often forget the books I want to read!

So now I’m off to put my LMB to bed so I can finish this book!

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