My Cure For Mom Guilt

Mom and Lucas

I was at a networking event yesterday and a fellow working mom asked how I handle work/parenting balance. My quick quip was that I don’t. It’s true but not helpful, so I elaborated.

I have not figured out balance – I don’t know if it’s possible. I work a lot, I have other responsibilities on top of work and while I would love to devote every second to Lucas (and he would like that also) I can’t. I suffer from serious mom guilt as a result and always worry I am not giving him enough undivided attention. I believe in quality over quantity and too often I fear I’m failing at both.

I have always preferred staying up late and sleeping in. Before Lucas was born it was fine but now he gets up consistently at 7am. It’s no secret that we would often give him the phone in bed to get some more sleep but these days I get up when he does (or before!).

Getting up early allows me to devote my mornings to Lucas. The time from when he wakes up to when he goes to Grandpa’s or daycare, he’s in charge. I make him whatever he wants for breakfast and we eat at his little table. We read stories, play cars or watch “one Elmo.” I keep my phone away, I don’t rush things and I let us enjoy this time together before life gets in the way.

It’s good for Lucas but, honestly, it’s better for me because I get to start my day feeling like a good mom. It’s a weight off my shoulders and I can go on with my day with one accomplishment under my belt. Sure when night time comes around and we’ve struggled through dinner, distractions of all kinds and desperate pleas for Dory instead of bedtime, the morning high dissipates but the good news is tomorrow is another day.

Mom and Lucas_1

I can’t get enough of his face.

Mom and Lucas_2

Mom and Lucas_3

Lucas LOVES to be like Dad and wanted to take my picture. I showed him what button to push and he did this all by himself!

Mom and Lucas_4

Lucas negotiating “one Elmo” ❤

One thought on “My Cure For Mom Guilt

  1. Carrie, I think that one of the things being a working mom does is invite you to have one-to-one time which is more focused than if you were at home all the time. In any relationship, just being in the same room does not necessarily mean quality time. Your choosing to spend intentional time with Lucas is priceless.


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