The Universe Has Spoken

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I frequently find myself wishing for a crystal ball to give me the answers in life. I often struggle with figuring out what the right decision is and for the first time ever the universe spoke so clearly there was no question as to what I’m supposed to be doing.

Last Friday Danny had an unexpected half day and he asked me to go to the gym with him so I did.

Sunday, he decided to forego the gym and do a Nike Training Club workout at home and I joined him.

Monday, I decided to start my own NTC program and before I was even finished Brett sent a group text saying next week I would go to bootcamp class at the Y with Lindsey Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and he’d go to the gym with Danny.

Tuesday on my way into work Kerry sent a text saying that we were going to Citizen Yoga for a class because she bought us each a package.

Clearly it’s time for me to stop making excuses and get back into shape – I’m seriously out of shape. Last month Ashley sent me a workout and I literally couldn’t finish the first one. With some conditioning, I know I’ll get stronger and increase my endurance to complete the training – it just takes time.

We also intend to run a half marathon this fall but will wait to begin training until the weather warms up (it has to happen eventually?!). In the meantime, I’ll continue my Nike Training, join Lindsey at the Y next week, pop in to Citizen Yoga for some classes and thank the universe for finally giving me some definitive answers.

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