Life’s a little slow right now but I don’t mind. I’m embracing the cycles of life right now (and a perpetually messy house). Lucas is a love but a 7am to 9:30pm job, which limits our ability to do other things. He’s too funny and cute for me to care. In the moments he’s with his grandparents or I’m at work, this is what I’ve been up to.

Loving Jimmy Carter. His interview with Colbert was all the proof I need that he’s the true American Badass.

Reading I saw this list on The Every Girl and placed a hold on this book – I’m intrigued.

Listening to podcasts lately since I’ve been working from home. I listened to a few episodes of Anna Farris’ Unqualified and it’s raunchy but funny. Next up is The West Wing Weekly’s podcast with Lin Manuel Miranda, even though I’m not ready to jump back into this world considering the current state of humanity.

Eating ice cream because I’m weak and Browndog is AMAZING! I’m all for this barlor trend and highly recommend the SoCo ToCo – Southern Comfort ice cream with toasted coconut. The non-alcoholic Xocholate is also fantastic – spiced chocolate with cocoa nibs. They sell pints for $5 which is basically the same as the grocery store.

Waiting for spring like everyone else and this recipe looks great for a picnic.

Thinking about how I want to do something with our landscaping but desperately need an expert (or amateur) to help us get started. I don’t know anything about plants – recommendations that don’t include books (I have never been one to read instructions) or YouTube welcome.

Planning another flower party with Lindsey! I’m glad she suggested it and slightly intimidated by her Pinterest board but I know it will be fun.

Excited to try the new restaurants opening in Detroit this spring. A current favorite, the Farmers Hand is opening a dedicated diner this week, FOLK, and I get to preview it Monday!

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