Fast Four

I’ve got a few shows I’m trying to watch this fall and a new addition is Single Parents. I love Leighton Meester from her Gossip Girl days (Chuck & Blair were a ‘table number’ at our wedding reception) and am thrilled that the show is genuinely great. The cast fits together perfectly and the show … More Fast Four

Parenting Rules?

I’m not the mom I thought I’d be. I’ve determined it’s impossible to really understand parenting until you’re parenting. I think the hardest concept to comprehend is that you’re starting from literal nothingness. You can see a kid at a store and have thoughts how you’d improve that child’s behavior in the moment but it’s … More Parenting Rules?

Baking with Baby

One of my favorite things to do is cook but I haven’t been able to do it much since Lucas was born. Now that he’s older, I’m getting back into the kitchen and bringing him with me. This week we took the apples from the orchard and made apple butter and apple rhubarb pie. Lucas … More Baking with Baby

On Parenting

I love this picture because it pretty much sums up my parenting experience – who’s in charge? Nearly 18 months in the parenting game and I’m winging it. As soon as you get a handle on one stage, it’s on to the next one and with Lucas we’ve seemed to gone from not-so-tiny baby to … More On Parenting


‘Co-parenting’ is often a phase associated with divorced or separated couples but I have no idea why. Aren’t all couples no matter their relationship status co-parenting? I know Danny and I are. We both bring unique talents and abilities to raising Lucas and it’s definitely a team effort. Danny leads the morning routine. I almost … More Co-parenting

Bringing Up Bebe

I finally read Pamela Druckerman’s Bringing Up Bebe. Initially, I planned to read it for Europe in my International Literary Project. Since that is on hiatus, I decided not to wait. I’m glad I didn’t! This book is fantastic and I’m convinced I was meant to be French. My strict parenting philosophies were affirmed and I … More Bringing Up Bebe