‘Co-parenting’ is often a phase associated with divorced or separated couples but I have no idea why. Aren’t all couples no matter their relationship status co-parenting? I know Danny and I are. We both bring unique talents and abilities to raising Lucas and it’s definitely a team effort.

Danny leads the morning routine. I almost always have to be to work earlier so he’s in charge of getting Lucas ready for the day and to Grandpa’s or daycare. I try to make it easier by having lunches packed, Lucas’ bags and other necessities ready by the door. I also tend to work later so most days pick-up duty also falls to him too.

I’m the scheduler. I make sure our non-daycare days are covered, doctor appointments made and Honest deliveries set. I’ve also learned to manage sleep deprivation so after hour wake-ups are my domain (although I’m trying to sunset this responsibility with a sleep schedule).

We both adore Lucas, he’s the center of our universe. Danny is his teacher and I am his comfort. My mom calls us ‘hippie parents’ because we believe in encouraging his adventurous nature and giving him space to explore. Neither of us are great with discipline but are learning to introduce more structure in his life.

Parenting is hard and most definitely a team effort. I was sick last week and for two days I was beyond exhausted. Danny took on the lead parenting role. When it’s his turn to be the patient, I’ll do the same. At the moment, we’re all healthy and I hope it stays that way for at least the week!


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