Parenting Practice Take II

We had some more parenting practice this weekend.  Three days with our godaughter Gwen.  She’s a doll and the best baby to practice with.  She’s mild mannered but she didn’t make it all easy.  Sunday she was quite fussy but I appreciated the experience of a semi-inconsolable baby.  I learned a lot of things this weekend and here are the highlights.

  • I married the right man.  Just like he did with Erin and Reese Danny super impressed me with Gwen.  He’s so sweet and gentle with her.  He also picked up on things that I missed (like putting her down for a nap even though Lindsey said she didn’t take them).  Danny is so good with little girls (we only know little girls) I hope we have one of our own.
  • We can have a baby and a clean house.  We kept the house spotless all weekend and I LOVED it!
  • Since we’re a good team I believe we can also make time for the gym, hobbies and visiting.  We’re good at doing things alone so I’ll have no problem leaving Danny at home with a baby and I know he feels the same.
  • Babies don’t need a lot of toys.  When we have kids I don’t want to be rude but I don’t want people buying our kids toys.  I don’t want junk in my house.  And at least for the first year I think things pictured below

    will be adequate.  The most popular baby item for Gwen was electronics.  She loved to chew on my phone, the remote, and the PS4 controller – ugh.

  • Always have napkins and cleaner on hand.  Drool, spit up, runny noses and food can end up everywhere.  It’s easy to keep up with one kid but more than one kid is surely trouble.  I’m glad we have a brown couch because it should be able to mask some of the messes.  I was also the victim of a couple spit-ups so I really felt like I got some parenting cred there.
  • Formula is really convenient.  I was never anti-formula I think people need to do what they need to do but I never really thought I would use it.  I’m starting to reconsider.  At least in part.  If I can I’d breastfeed to start and while I’m off work but once I go back formula might be an option to consider.
  • Always have a chew toy.  Gwen will put EVERYTHING in her mouth.  When I took her to Panera last time I was unprepared – this time I brought a chew toy to keep her from eating the table.
  • I don’t mind doing diapers.  I never have and I still don’t.  It’s not fun but it’s quick and painless as long as the baby isn’t trying to grab things.
  • My sleep schedule will change and I’m glad we have a coffee machine.  I don’t know why Brett and Lindsey stay up every weekend.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up when we have kids.
  • It’s not easy to entertain a baby.  Toddlers can do activities but babies not so much.  It’s hard to engage and entertain a baby who is alert but also limited in their abilities.  Although Gwen can be easily distracted if she’s not distracted it can be a challenge to know what to do with her to keep her busy. 
It was a great weekend. I’m not sure if it helped or hurt my baby fever but either way I’m glad we did it. I definitely feel like we could handle a baby.  If we were in a financial position to do so I would probably think of moving up our timeline; however, that is not the case so we wait.  In the meantime we enjoy the babies we have and look forward to the ones on their way! 

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