Thankfulness Tree

I do a happiness jar with my MEP girls every week and I love it.  It’s important to think of something positive – especially when you sometimes feel nothing positive is going on at all (a big problem for teenagers).

Thankfulness posts are prevalent on Facebook in November but it’s not really my thing.  Instead I decided that Danny and I would do a Thankfulness tree at home.

It was another project I tried this month but it was really simple and not expensive.  
  • Vase: $1 Dollar Tree
  • Leaves/Scrapbook paper: $1 Hobby Lobby
  • Leaves & Flower: $3 clearance Home Goods (I was going to get real leaves/acorns/pine cones and that would have been free but there were none around me so I picked some up)
  • Branch: Free from the Hakala’s front lawn
Every night we write one thing we are thankful for on a leaf (we share a leaf) and hang it on the tree.  I didn’t start this at the beginning of the month that’s why there aren’t many leaves but next year we’ll start on November 1st.  It’s a fun activity and a new tradition for our small family.  
It also looks great on our new buffet!

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