November Round Up

November was my busiest month yet!  There were literally 2 empty days on my calendar!  It was all fun stuff and I’m thankful for the time I am able to spend with family and friends.  I was particularly lucky because I had lots of time with some of my favorite little girls: Erin, Kensley and Gwen.

  • Britni’s baby shower
  • Game night with the Hakalas and Zittermans
  • Once with Gina and Garrett
  • A few dinners with Mr. B and with Mom
  • Shopping with Auntie
  • Mary Kay Party with Ann and Teri
  • Dinner/Shopping with Teri
  • 12 Years A Slave and lunch with Aunt Margaret
  • LCC Retirement Party
  • DIY time at Teri’s
  • Mrs. B’s memorial mass
  • Lion’s game at Joe’s
  • Breakfasts with Cara
  • Visit with Gram
  • Alyssa’s confirmation
  • Game Night with Kristin and Paul
  • Princess Bride with Gina
  • Weekend with Gwen
  • Multiple shopping trips with Mom
  • Dinner with Ed and Mr. B
  • Thanksgiving at Teri’s
  • Thanksgiving at Aunt Mikki’s
  • Thanksgiving at Heather’s
  • Online and phone chat’s with B
  • Birthday dinner for Aunt Margaret with Mom at La Fiera
Whew that’s it or at least most of it.  I also had MEP and lots of successful activities with the girls.

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