Friendsgiving is a holiday tradition we officially adopted last year and I think it’s here to stay. The potluck gathering brings together our wedding party peeps, delicious food and football – this Sunday it was a surprisingly momentous football game!

We went low-key last year with pulled-pork as the entree but this time we went with more traditional holiday food and I think it was enjoyed by all. We tried our hand at prime rib and it was delicious but difficult to time, our entire meal was delayed and it was a killer for my hostess planning self. Nevertheless, it was a good time and the Lions beat the Pack at Lambo for the first time in 24 years.

My favorite part of the day is the Thankfulness tree. In these sad and trying times, it’s a nice reminder of our good fortune. We had everyone write on a leaf and add it to the tree. Any guest who comes between now and Thanksgiving can do the same.

The Menu:
Prime Ribs
Macaroni & Cheese
Corn Pudding
Strawberry Balsamic Salad (I thawed frozen strawberries and included it in the vinaigrette recipe)
Rosemary Sea Salt Flat Bread (AMAZING! We’ll be making more tonight)
Fruit Cups
Pear Cranberry and Gingersnap Crumble







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