Happy Friday!


Week one of a new job and it’s wonderful and overwhelming simultaneously. Overwhelming in a fantastic way – it’s been too long since I was excited about work. Nevertheless, there are moments when I need a bit of a pep talk and yesterday, I broke out the sparkling cherry juice in lieu of wine. So this Friday-  a little motivation to end the week.

This weekend will be a busy one. Friendsgiving is Sunday and I am not quite prepared for it, so it’ll be a fervent Saturday of shopping, cleaning and ofcourse football. The Irish play in the afternoon so it’s lunch on Mr. B! Sunday, It’ll be fun to spend time with our peeps for a potluck and football – Danny wants to boycott the Lions so we may be watching the Bears. This week is a double-header Once Upon A Time and to change it up, Ill be going to Gina for the show. Before all this excitement, I’m off to a glucose test and to see how much weigh I’ve gained. Hopefully, I’ll also get a peek of our little guy too.

P.S. Highlight of the week – at this moment. 

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