Pho Lucky

Pho Lucky, Midtown, Detroit

Pho Lucky is a family restaurant and the latest addition to the Detroit food scene. The Midtown location is the fifth in the region and has attracted a lot of buzz because of its authentic Vietnamese Pho offerings. I heard so much about it lately that I didn’t even realize it only opened on Monday until after we arrived for our impromptu day-date.

Danny loves Asian food but, I was a little skeptical about trying something new – I had NO idea what Pho was. Fortunately, the simple Pho-centric menu made it easy for me to settle on a meal and I ordered P6 – Phở Chí – a noodle soup with cooked beef.

When our meals arrived, the gracious and friendly owner, Cong Nguyen, came over to give us some Pho eating tips. It was very helpful and the soup was delicious! The large bowl of soup was light but packed with flavor. Realistically, plenty for two meals – in my case one of those meals was for Lucas.

When Danny was taking a couple interior shots of the restaurant he met Cong’s wife, who sat down to talk with us about the restaurant. She was very friendly and open about how her husband was inspired to enter the restaurant business following the loss of their son five years ago. Pho Lucky is named in his honor, although his name was pronounced ‘Luke-y’, and Pho was his favorite meal. If you look around the restaurant, you will find Nemo because it was another thing he loved.

It was a wonderful lunch, made even more enjoyable by the welcoming Nguyens. We’ll definitely go back, and an added bonus that the Motor City girl in me must make note of is the ample parking lot. There were so many spots that I hardly believed the sign that said restaurant parking because it seemed too good to be true!

Pho Lucky, Midtown, Detroit

Pho Lucky, Midtown, Detroit

Pho Lucky, Midtown, Detroit

Pho Lucky, Midtown, Detroit

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