Brunch at Block

Danny surprised me with brunch at Block for Mother’s Day and it was delicious. The restaurant has been around for a couple years but we are seriously behind on our Detroit eats so it was our first time there. I’m not a huge brunch fan but the cheesy jalapeno grits are so good the next … More Brunch at Block

Pho Lucky

Pho Lucky is a family restaurant and the latest addition to the Detroit food scene. The Midtown location is the fifth in the region and has attracted a lot of buzz because of its authentic Vietnamese Pho offerings. I heard so much about it lately that I didn’t even realize it only opened on Monday … More Pho Lucky

Detroit Inspired

As an avid reader and book lover (book-book NOT ebook), I immediately feel at home when I walk into a library. Truthfully, the Livonia library was my second home for a long time since I worked there during my most formative years in high school and college. It’s also where I met my lovely hubby. … More Detroit Inspired


If I had to identify the reason for Detroit’s resurgence, I would without hesitation name Slows BBQ. The anchor of Corktown is in my mind the catalyst for New Detroit and the starting point for what we see today. I don’t want to diminish the work of others who were in the city prior to … More Slows

Jolly Pumpkin

It’s truly impossible to describe the massive change going on in Detroit. The city isn’t what people would expect in many ways. To some it might look like an ‘up and coming’ city and to others it probably looks like it has a long way to go. Both views have merit and it’s exciting to … More Jolly Pumpkin