Lesson Learned

Blogger lesson #3: Be your own photographer.

The idea to have Danny take pictures for the site seemed brilliant when we bought the camera.  It was his new hobby and it would provide us with a couple’s project – he’d be Jimmy to my Lois Lane.  The fatal flaw in this plan is that he rarely joins me on blogging adventures and frequently changes the settings on the camera in ways I can’t identify or fix.  On several occasions I’ve been left in an awkward predicament of being unable to take pictures when working on a post (to make matters worse this most frequently occurs when I’m doing an interview).  In most cases, the pictures have been salvageable with the magic of Photoshop; however, that was not the case this weekend. Danny adjusted the lens to manual focus (something I never heard about) and this is the best shot I have. I’m not happy about it but as a personal victory I’ve refrained from yelling or even crying.  There will be other Noel Nights and public humiliation builds character.  Instead I’ll focus on the silver linings.

Noel Night was wonderful.  The city was buzzing and beautiful with decorated storefronts.  People crowded the streets and stood in line to get into shops.  Best of all I was able to spend quality time with Granny.  Losing Uncle John, reminded me you can’t take time for granted.  I want to create as many special memories as I can with the people in my life and Noel Night was the perfect setting.  Granny is a Detroit native but she’s not familiar with the “New Detroit” scene. I loved showing her all the new places in town because the less than stellar opinions about the city aren’t reserved for non-Detroiters. During our walk through the Cass Corridor I was also able to learn more about her recent activities and general interests.  One thing I discovered is that she likes plays, so next spring we’re going to see The 39 Steps at the Hillberry!

She’s happier than she looks. After several failed camera attempts, I gave up and conceded to a camera picture.

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