Happy Friday!

I rarely go to the movies.  With the exception of the drive-in, I can’t think of the last non-Marvel/superhero film I’ve seen in a theater.  If I don’t see a movie at AMC or with Kat for movie night I’m probably never going to watch it.  Right now there are four films that have my attention and I’m determined to see them before the year’s over.  B and I saw Mockingjay* last week and I’m always surprised by how much I enjoy the series (I also bought JLaw’s song).  Tonight I want to see The Theory of Everything with Danny..

As for the rest of the weekend, Mr. B is coming over for dinner tonight. Saturday I’ll be hitting the town with Granny for the Urban Craft Fair at the Masonic Temple and Noel Night throughout Midtown.  In the evening, I’m going to hangout with Lindsey because the fellas will be at a bachelor party.  Sunday I’m going to Holiday Card Jam at Signal Return and I might go to the Indian Village Holiday Home Tour if there are still tickets.  Most importantly I’ll be mailing out Christmas cards.  I can’t believe how early the holidays seem this year.

P.S. I will rent this movie because I love Lady Jayne

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