King Lear

Danny is a pretty good sport when it comes to activities that interest me; however, when I learned Shakespeare in Detroit’s performance of King Lear was over three hours long I knew I was pushing it. To avoid a potential fight, I decided to dump him and take Lindsey on a date night. She loves … More King Lear

Casino Nights

Detroit has three casinos and they are a favorite destination for Danny and my Mom. It makes for a nice evening although I occasionally get the feeling that I’m herding cats if certain slots “speak to them” in different areas.  I enjoy these trips because I like family time that everyone looks forward to. That … More Casino Nights

Lesson Learned

Blogger lesson #3: Be your own photographer. The idea to have Danny take pictures for the site seemed brilliant when we bought the camera.  It was his new hobby and it would provide us with a couple’s project – he’d be Jimmy to my Lois Lane.  The fatal flaw in this plan is that he … More Lesson Learned

Happy Thanksgiving

One of my earliest childhood memories is of going downtown for America’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I remember the adults setting up ladders and laying a plank of wood over them so the kids could see over people’s heads.  As an adult, I think that was an unnecessary amount of work but as a kid – … More Happy Thanksgiving


It seems like everyone had a Friendsgiving this year and we were no exception.  I wasn’t trying to be trendy, I simply like the idea.  Last year we had a brunch for our wedding party to celebrate our anniversary.  Since our schedule was tight in October, I decided against doing it again; however, I still … More Friendsgiving

United Community Housing Coalition

Last week I attended the 40th Anniversary Membership Dinner for the United Community Housing Coalition (UCHC).  It’s an organization I’ve been familiar with for a number of years, but the evening really emphasized to me the significance of the UCHC’s work.  The UCHC is a premier non-profit organization helping Detroit residents (homeowners and renters) remain … More United Community Housing Coalition