Detroit Historical Museum

detroit historical museum

One of my favorite things about Detroit is that it’s always changing. If you’re away for a couple weeks, things are likely to be very different from when you return. It had been far more than a couple weeks since I last visited the Detroit Historical Museum and while I knew it had undergone a renovation, I had no idea how extensively it changed.

The basement floor was always fun, because you can walk through different eras of Detroit in a recreated cityscape. The other levels offered rotating exhibits that were nice but not overly stimulating.

I didn’t know what to expect on this visit and was stunned to enter the first exhibit room and find a bright diverse collection with audio visual presentations to take you through the decades of Detroit. Kid Rock philanthropic activity is also on display in the Kid Rock Music Lab that features artists from different genres and interactive activity for kids.

Touring the museum on a weekday afternoon and seeing a good number of others there too made for a perfect ‘big’ city day. It also left me proud that Detroit such so many family-friendly cultural attractions: the DIA, the Charles H. Wright Museum, the Outdoor Adventure Center, and Dossin Museum to name a few sites that are located in the heart of the city and fun for the whole family.

Another perk is that the museum is technically free – although there is a suggested donation. With movie tickets at $8+ per person, this is a fun and educational way to spend an afternoon without breaking the bank. Parking isn’t bad either – I’ve been using the new meters to park on the street without incident recently and there is a $7 lot next to the museum.

With cold weather months right around the corner this is a perfect way to avoid being cooped up inside.

detroit historical museum

detroit historical museum

detroit historical museum

detroit historical museum

detroit historical museum

detroit historical museum

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