Happy Friday!


Following our anniversary (and Valentine’s Day) tradition we went to The Edison at the Dearborn Inn for dinner Tuesday. We were married at the Dearborn Inn and with all honestly it’s probably my favorite place in the world. It’s across the street from Greenfield Village with all the classic charm you want at a fraction of a price. Perhaps one day, I’ll share our wedding under $10,000 budget but here’s a preview tip – a big cost savings was this gorgeous hotel. Visually it was everything I dreamed of and the per person cost included set-up, take-down, cake and an amazing meal (and hotel stay!). I was too busy/excited to eat on our wedding day but have made up for it since. The Edison is their signature restaurant and offers a rotating menu that never disappoints. We’ve never had the same thing twice (because it’s not an option) and have never had a bad experience. This week we had a delectable scallop starter on a butternut squash puree with an apple slaw and my entree was grilled salmon on a bed of mashed potatoes with sides of asparagus and crab with Béarnaise. As usual, I continue to think about the meal days afterward and am seriously resisting the idea of going back for a ‘birthday dinner’.

As for this weekend, tonight Kat and I are continuing our Sex and the City watchaton tonight. Saturday Mom and I will be mall walking and shopping since I can’t fit into my clothes… in fact I attempted many dresses before conceding to my high school graduation dress for our fancy dinner! I also want to finish our registry and will be doing some in-person list making. Sunday, I’m meeting Cara for breakfast, in the afternoon Danny and I are going to Teri’s for Audrey’s confirmation get together and Gina is coming over in the evening for some post-European vacation OUAT catch-up.

P.S. BTS of my favorite Vogue issue 

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