Happy Friday!


The day of our big bash has finally arrived! 12 of our 14 nieces/nephews will be over for a Valentine’s Day sleepover. We have games, arts & crafts, plenty of my old dresses that will be modeled and/or auctioned and movies. I baked these chocolate/strawberry cupcakes last night and will make some cinnamon donut puffs tomorrow morning. It’s a fun way to spend the holiday and give my sister-in-laws (who have 4 kids each!) a short break and hopefully a chance for a date-night. For us, it’s a fun memory and a distraction from the big countdown.

This weekend will be full of distractions actually. After the kids leave Saturday, Danny and I will head to Eastern Market for the first time in 2016. We’re also celebrating Valentine’s Day with an early dinner at the Dearborn Inn, the menu suggests they still have the fantastic salmon we had on our anniversary! Then it’s BSG game night with the Hakalas. Sunday, I’m going to hang out with Cara and hear about her trip to Nashville. The evening will be spent with Gina, either on my couch or if she gets her wish at the hospital with a cute & healthy baby. Monday is President’s Day and an extended weekend. I will think about all the great things FDR did for this country, have lunch with Paul, dinner and some Sex & the City with Kat and possibly some Major Crimes with B. I think it goes without saying lots of coffee will be involved too!

P.S. I’m ashamed to admit I’m loving this…

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