2nd Trimester Fashion

I reached that point where new clothes are a must. This weekend I invested in some maternity pants and have to say I’m not sure why everyone doesn’t wear them at all times. Normally, I can’t wait to get out of pants because I either spend my time awkwardly pulling them up or feeling like a button is going to explode. Not anymore! I don’t feel fat and I feel cozy, win-win.

Maternity pants are great but maternity dresses are another story. I cringe at the thought of bows and flowing dresses (my 8 year old self would be very disappointed). Consequently, I’m buying time with a few non-maternity dresses I found at Marshalls.

I’ve asked a couple particularly stylish ladies where they shop lately and TJMaxx and Marshalls are common replies. I decided to give it a shot and totally understand the hype. These dresses are high-quality material, fit well and, best of all, are affordable – these three dresses cost me less than one legit maternity dress. I don’t know if they will see me through February but I’m hoping for the end of the year. In the meantime, I think I look pretty decent for work.

Marshalls, Ivanka Trumpa
Ivanka Trump
Marshalls, Larry Levine
Larry Levine
Marshalls, Marc New York
Marc New York

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