Please ignore the opening credits on this – apparently I’m seriously ready for the new year! It also appears I do this EVERY year? Future Carrie is bound to be frustrated and confused. Our monthly tradition of making short family videos is my favorite thing in the world. This year was even more exciting because … More 2018

Our Family Traditions

It’s hard to believe it’s already Thanksgiving! We’ll be with Danny’s family in the afternoon and my family in the evening. Some of his siblings will be there, others won’t. Same for my family. Some people who are out of town aren’t coming in and, unfortunately, some family I saw growing up I don’t see … More Our Family Traditions

Thankfulness Tree

I do a happiness jar with my MEP girls every week and I love it.  It’s important to think of something positive – especially when you sometimes feel nothing positive is going on at all (a big problem for teenagers). Thankfulness posts are prevalent on Facebook in November but it’s not really my thing.  Instead … More Thankfulness Tree