Please ignore the opening credits on this – apparently I’m seriously ready for the new year! It also appears I do this EVERY year? Future Carrie is bound to be frustrated and confused.

Our monthly tradition of making short family videos is my favorite thing in the world. This year was even more exciting because Lucas has been actively contributing in the final months of the year. I can’t wait to see what he has to say next year and to watch both him and Sam grow – it happens WAY too fast!

This year we took basically all of our videos in the front room which I find funny. I’ll try to change it up in 2019 so I can remember other parts of our house.

I used one of Lucas’ favorite Trolls (aka Justin Timberlake) song for our music video and it can’t be embedded so if you want a 4 minute look at our year – here it is. It was refreshing to see that we actually do fun things and activities! I too often feel like we’re hermits/tv addicts (which is probably also true) but this showed me we leave the house sometimes.

I HIGHLY recommend creating videos. It’s the easiest way to remember and reflect on your accomplishments and progress throughout a year. Every phone can do it and all computers have Window’s Movie Maker – throw the clips in together and save, it’s just that easy.

2015 video

2016 video

2017 video

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