Our monthly tradition of making short family videos is my favorite thing in the world. Often we’re doing it on the last day of the month because the reality is life is busy and sometimes it’s hard to find 3 minutes but it’s so worth it!

When I watch the final product at the end of the year, I’m infinitely more grateful for all of my blessings. It’s easy to get swept up in the daily stresses of life and the monotony of everyday life but when you see it all together it looks exciting. This was especially true this year because I compiled some clips from random videos throughout the year to make a music video. In my youth, I made music videos for television and movie characters I loved and wished to emulate, I love that my own life is as fun as the fantasies I use to escape to.

This year was another year of big changes. I’m embarrassed that I’ve had a different job each year we’ve done this but I’ve progressed and feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be. I’m more embarrassed by my appearance!  The first couple months I looked very nice but it all went downhill. 2017 was very stressful and I’m looking forward to righting the ship and fixing myself in 2018.

Lucas grew SO much this year! I can’t believe how tiny he was to start the year. He’s so serious we forget he’s a baby and seeing this video reminded me I need to cherish every second because he’s still a little guy but he won’t be forever. I look forward to seeing him grow and become a more conscious participant in our videos. He can take some lessons from Danny who now sincerely enjoys the movies.

The final note is that MARVEL continues to get the most shout-outs.

I HIGHLY recommend creating videos. Every phone can do it and all computers have Window’s Movie Maker – throw the clips in together and save, it’s just that easy.

2015 video

2016 video

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