Last year I decided that we would take short (1 to 2 minute) monthly videos to capture our life and at the end of the year bring it all together for one long(er) video.

We’re only two years in and already our lives are completely different from when we started. Obviously, Lucas is the biggest and best change – it seems like a lifetime ago that he was such a tiny baby and I’m sure next year I’ll be bawling as I see how small he was this past weekend. Our townhouse updates are fun and funny because we did all this work thinking we’d stay there and then we bought a house! I look forward to seeing the changes in our house in the years to come. Other 2016 notes: My workout updates were all short-lived, we are always watching a MARVEL something it seems, and Danny remains a reluctant family video participant (however, I think seeing it all come together warmed him up to the process).

Some videos we do ourselves but we often have friends or family record us and that makes those months extra sweet. Cara recorded twice (March & July) – 2016 was a HUGE year for her with the little ladies. Our trusty baby-sitter (aka Mom) recorded in May after we saw Captain America on Mother’s Day (I honestly forgot Lucas used to cry a lot) and October before our anniversary date. Mary did June and you can see her reflection in the window. Mr. B did September and it’s hilarious. And Corey was a guest videographer in November on Thanksgiving before the left for the Lions game.

As I state in December’s video, 2016 was a hard year for the world. The violence and hate seem endless and overwhelming but in our little bubble life has been wonderful. We are blessed with Lucas, a house, stable employment, our health, supportive/loving friends and family. I can’t begin to guess what 2017 holds, but I pray that we continue to be happy,  healthy, safe and together.

Our 2015 video

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