Year in Review

Turns out I blogged a bit more than I thought this year. Here are some highlights:

Detroit: Seldon Standard/Townhouse/Trinosophes/Central Kitchen + Bar/Huron Room/Detroit 75 Kitchen/Wintertime Fun

BooksSome Luck trilogy/The Paris Wife/The Black Calhouns/Xander’s Panda Party/Liars & Saints/The Truth According to Us/ America’s First Daughter/ Dept. of Speculation/ How to be a Parisan/The Hamilton Affair

Home: Lucas’ nursery (at townhouse)/Living/Dining Rooms/Office Space

Recipes: Favorites/Portuguese chicken/Barbacoa/Moo Shu Pork Tacos/Granola/Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff/Gouda Brussel Sprouts

News: #imwithher/#NoH8/#BlackLivesMatter/kindness/Olympics/Dear America/We Go High

Lucas: First blog post/birth story/baptism part 1/baptism part 2/emails/books/more books/and more books

January – one of my favorite pictures ever
February – You wouldn’t recognize these kids anymore (especially Aidan!)
March – our first family photo!
April – HRH Prince Lucas
May – 1st Mother’s Day
June – 2nd Father’s Day and most stylish picture we’ve ever taken
July – A year for the books and a year OF books!
August – Our piano man
September – Home Sweet Home
October – The birthday boy and my Wordbird
November – Taken in October but blog published in November – Nov. needed cuteness
December – Long anticipated ladies to join the pack above


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