Sunday Brunch at Selden Standard

I made it to the city for the first time in weeks and it was an experience.

The plan was to go to Park and Rec Sunday morning. Well in true New Detroit fashion, it was completely packed. A snowy April deterred no one and there were customers waiting outside.

Hitting up Google for other new restaurants we considered the Dime Store; however, there was no reasonable parking option and it looked like another wait.

We decided to go to the Selden Standard because it’s new to Danny and one of my favorites. Parking was also an issue but we did find a spot a block away…

Fortunately, we were able to be seated immediately even though the place was packed. We ordered quickly because our normally chill little man was seriously cranky. I was able to eat most of my delicious meal before Lucas decided he wanted to eat too. As a no bottle baby and a mama who is conscious of others potential discomfort, I did the thing I swore I wouldn’t do – I fed him in the bathroom…standing up in the handicap stall. Oy!

So yeah…Lucas’ first experience in the city wasn’t the best but I’m glad we went. I’m far to comfortable staying home these days and getting out and on the town was surprisingly refreshing. It reminded me that I like being in the city – even when it’s cold, snowing and takes an hour to find a place to park/eat.

The Selden Standard was definitely the place to go. Wonderful ambiance and amazing food. I’m picky about sugary treats and the sweet roll was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. I foresee stopping by for another on a Market day this spring.

More than anything it was a great date with Danny. We celebrated seven wonderful years together and it was appropriately symbolic. Our first date was late night with drinks at a chain restaurant in the burbs. Now we go to Midtown for fancy brunch with a baby and no drinks. I wonder where we’ll be seven years from now.

Sweet bun with mascarpone glaze helps the sleepyness
Biscuits and gravy
Steak and eggs
Grilled pork belly with chile-maple glaze (SO glad Danny made try it!)
7th Heaven


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