Meet Lucas


He finally arrived!

Our little big guy Lucas Mikhail came into the world on March 2nd at an unexpected 9lbs 1oz and it’s been the most wonderful, amazing 5 days. Danny and I are completely in love and spend our time telling him that.

What’s not to love? Look at that face! He’s the perfect blend of us. Danny’s blonde hair, blue eyes, forehead, and priceless facial expressions. He has my nose, lips and bent left ear (I can’t get over the last part).

He loves his hands so much that when they disappear in long sleeves he freaks out.

He’s does the best things with his pointer finger. He pensively thinks or points accusingly.

He crosses his legs all the time – I suppose it’s a habit after those cramped quarters.

He absolutely hates being cold. Diaper changes are a challenge because we have to take off clothes (Danny’s a trooper for taking on those duties).

I’m not at all surprised by the fact he is a restless sleeper. For months I was surrounded in bed by a loud and shaking Danny and a comparably wild baby on the inside. Some nights I couldn’t tell which fella was making moves. Lucas startles easily, moves his blanket around in his sleep and makes little noises. It gives me peace of mind more than anything to hear my noisy fellas throughout the night.

He’s a momma’s boy. As soon as he was born he stopped crying when I touched his cheek. At the hospital, nurses would want me to put my hands on him during tests because he would instantly calm down. He rarely cries when I’m around. It could be a newborn thing but I like to think that it’s a special bond.


So yes, this little guy will definitely be a blog focus – especially this week.

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