Happy Friday


I sincerely hoped today would be a birth announcement. Last Tuesday, my doctor was optimistic with my progress and more progress has been made since but no baby. All I have is irregular, mild contractions that get my hopes up and leave me hanging. I’m dreadfully impatient and waiting has been torture. So here we are a day before his due date and very close to Leap Day and the end of February (i.e. interfering with my chalkboard picture plans). The other problem with waiting is that my cool, nonchalant self is being left with way too much time to think about the impending pain.

That said, I’ll gladly wait for a healthy baby boy. It’s been a LONG but memorable 40 weeks – ironically I have 40lbs to show for it too. I’ll miss Lucas’ hand being lodged in my hip and his sporadic movements. I worry about him constantly but I know I’ll worry about him more when he’s out in the world. So I’ll do my best to gratefully endure the endless bathroom breaks, feet that can no longer fit into shoes and frequent struggle to stand up, while I wait for Lucas to make his appearance.

P.S. Lucas’ buddy, Cirdan, was born Wednesday at a whopping 10lbs!

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