I saw the Slow Roll the other day from my car and snapped a picture. It reminds me that summer is at an end. The loss of time saddens me more than the loss of a season. I love the fall but am feeling a bit overwhelmed these days and the thought of the holiday season doesn’t help … More Currently

Weekend Update

No, I haven’t forgotten about the blog. Life has simply been so busy that I have a hard time balancing it all (another blog post). So here a few weekend highlights (aka evidence of the activity): Friday: We celebrated Granny’s 71st birthday with a family dinner after work. Saturday: We traveled across the state to … More Weekend Update


It sounds crazy but a catalyst to our house hunt was the new library card at the Civic Center. I couldn’t get it renewed last year since I’m not a resident. I grew up in the city, worked at the library with Danny so my library card is a big deal. Walking around with a Northville … More 1,000

Happy Friday

I had different blog plans this week but I’ve been sick since late last week and Lucas was sick yesterday and we spent the entire day in the ER. He still has a cold and congestion but no fever. My little man is such a trooper. Although he is clearly miserable he doesn’t cry and … More Happy Friday

Happy Friday

Is this now a baby blog? For the moment perhaps. I have Detroit blog plans for the spring but right now life is work and preparing for Lucas. This weekend I’m going to get our hospital bag together. Currently, his coming home outfit is all we have and I’m totally obsessed with it. My SIL … More Happy Friday

Month 7

I’ve reached the point where my shirt kind of hangs there… the transition from second to third trimester has begun and I’m not sure I’m ready. The second trimester was a breeze. I’m still on the meds but they work so I can eat what I like (but with the luxury of no cravings). I … More Month 7