Happy Friday

Lucas Month 1

I had different blog plans this week but I’ve been sick since late last week and Lucas was sick yesterday and we spent the entire day in the ER. He still has a cold and congestion but no fever. My little man is such a trooper. Although he is clearly miserable he doesn’t cry and only wants to be cuddled.

Tomorrow he will be one month old and I can’t believe it. It’s been the most amazing time and I’ll cherish it always. Part of me will always miss my tiny baby but I already love watching him grow – look at that 4 week grin!

This weekend we will be staying close to home and recuperating. And with one month down for leave, I’m will begin the process of planning for life back at work with a baby. This will definitely be the biggest challenge of my life but millions of people do it, surely I can to.

P.S. Our recommended baby schedule


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