Slow Roll

I saw the Slow Roll the other day from my car and snapped a picture. It reminds me that summer is at an end. The loss of time saddens me more than the loss of a season. I love the fall but am feeling a bit overwhelmed these days and the thought of the holiday season doesn’t help – I can barely keep up with the everyday right now let alone special occasions. Anyways…

Buying Lucas shoes because he’s being moved to a 6 to 8 month classroom at daycare and no socks, no shoes, no attendance. I find is all rather stressful because he does not have shoes and they give you less than a week’s notice for these new requirements. He doesn’t crawl, let alone walk… what does he need shoes for? Alas I ordered two pairs of shoes on Amazon one will arrive this weekend and the other in October (?).

Needing time (of course) but also a haircut. I’m considering taking the kitchen scissors to my hair again. A salon is too expensive and these ends are in some seriously rough shape.

Eating very little sugar. My sweet tooth was out of control so I shut it down. I’m an all or nothing girl so it really hasn’t been that hard. I want to keep this up until my birthday in November. Next up, portion control…

Listening to Fresh Air. I often mention NPR but right now Fresh Air is my specific favorite. I’m in my car a lot for work so I often hear bits of interviews and love them – anything to make driving more fun.

Watching Stranger Things. Danny wanted to check it out and Netflix does have a good track record. That said he does not have a great track record for finishing shows – we’ll see how it goes.

Planning to start feeding Lucas food on a more regular basis. I bought this folding high chair to limit clutter. His next wellness check is in a couple weeks and I’ll talk to the pediatrician about specifics. He eats a little now but I am terrified by the thought that he would choke.

Loving this blanket we picked up at Target. Since it’s on sale, I ordered one in ivory for upstairs.

Addicted to Starbucks and playing Starbucks 4 Life like I have a chance.

Considering going forward with the kitchen plans. Danny is ready to do it but I really want to save. We bought Quicken to help with the latter, less Starbucks would probably also help!

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