Lucas 6 Months

Lucas 6mos (1 of 1)

Happy half birthday to my little big man. I’m so grateful for every second I get with Lucas.

His ‘official portrait was a last minute photo-shoot but it was too cute to pass up. Alternative shot on Instagram.

He’s definitely transitioning from infant to baby (I will not say toddler). He’s curious about everything and can wiggle himself to where he wants to go. I won’t be surprised if he’s crawling by the month’s end.

His two teeth are prominent but there are no others yet.

He is pretty good at sitting up but not perfect and if he’s on his back he can only roll over.

He loves food and feels/looks betrayed if you eat in front of him. I don’t give him food every day but a couple times a week I’ll give him bits of whatever I’m eating (mostly mashed veggies). He has a sophisticated pallet so when he gets a few spoonfuls of those food pouches, he makes the most hilarious faces that we haven’t caught on camera yet.

He adores Danny, mimics him and says  ‘Dadadada’.

He loves making noises and growls.

We watch the Lion Guard on Saturday mornings and I think he’ll like the Lion King when he’s older.

He discovered his shadow and it was hilarious.

I love waking up to his bright smiling face every morning. He is always so happy and I hope he will always feel that way. I love you Lucas.

Lucas 6

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