Happy Friday


Is this now a baby blog? For the moment perhaps. I have Detroit blog plans for the spring but right now life is work and preparing for Lucas. This weekend I’m going to get our hospital bag together. Currently, his coming home outfit is all we have and I’m totally obsessed with it. My SIL suggested brighter clothes but I had my heart set on this outfit and will simply watch it very carefully at the hospital to make sure it doesn’t get swept up with the sheets. The onsie was Danny’s first Father’s Day gift and fated that we have a boy since it was the only Daddy item I could find at three stores.

Tonight it’s date night with Cara. We’re going old school with dinner and a movie. Tomorrow, I’m meeting up with my Levinladies in the morning. It’s always fun to see them and I’m glad we make the time for (bi)monthly meet ups. In the afternoon I’m off to a baby shower. Sunday will be a low-key. Mr. B has suggested I watch Supergirl all season and since he’s watching BSG, I decided I have some binge watching to do. Unfortunately, all the episodes aren’t available on demand but I’ll watch what I can and wiki the rest. I also think Gina will come over in the evening.

P.S. My favorite female ‘superhero’


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