Now we go high


I keep searching for the things I want to say and remember about this month but since it feels like a nightmare I don’t want to remember any of it….

I’m numb, empty, literally sick to my stomach. I feel disappointment, anger, and fear. I feel responsible because I donated and volunteered but clearly not enough.

The reality is hard to bear but we’ll find a way. We’ll go high and do the most good because we have to.

It’s the personal relationships that I don’t know that I can bear. This campaign wasn’t politics as usual. The Republicans had over a dozen candidates to chose from – all who felt the same on social issues – and the man selected to represent them proudly promoted xenophobia, racism, bigotry and misogyny. I am grateful to the Republicans who took a stand and refused to endorse this behavior. To those who didn’t, I cannot forget or forgive – your vote is your voice and I heard you.

So it’s with a broken-heart that I’ve had to look at my life post-11/9. It’s clear there is work to be done to inspire non-voters and that is what I will work towards. I will fight and fight hard to give Lucas a better world then the one he’s been born into.

We fly an H flag, not as a protest but a proclamation that we stand by and for the rights of all people to live happy, healthy, safe lives in comfort and with their families. That all men and women were created equal and we will not break at adversity or battles lost. We will be strong and brave like Hillary, put on our pantsuits and keep fighting for the good of the world.

As noted, I’d much rather forget this month but like most horrors it’s hard to do so; therefore, I’ll try and remember that when things looked bleak we did not bend but stood strong together:

Hillary Rodham Clinton continuing to show the world she’s a BAMF

Barack Obama continues to give us hope

Joe Biden helps us laugh

And millions of Americans are coming together to carry on and protect the legacy of HRC and the Obamas

One thought on “Now we go high

  1. I am with you, standing up and making our world a better place.
    Be vigilant and do what we can to live out our US Constitution.


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