Happy birthday to…me


I get one more go around with in my 20s.

This decade has been amazing and I plan to capstone it well. Since life is never perfect, my 20s have been as perfect as it can get. I found great love, friends, and employment. I built up strong relationships with my family at large and a wonderful little family all for myself. I’ve lived a life that I’m proud of and I have very few regrets.

I hope and pray that I continue to have such great fortune in the years and decades to come.

For now, I’ll take it one day at a time and continue on my never ending quest to live my best life. Right now that’s mostly family life – being a wife and mom. But I want do a few things for myself – improve my health habits, get organized and establish solid routines, experience more (travel, read, listen to new music and give back) and be a better blogger.

To celebrate, I’m looking forward to spending the weekend with friends and family.

As for presents I’ll take a presidential election win for Secretary Clinton. #imwithher


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