Lucas Month 8


Our little meatball has been on the outside for 8 months but it feels like forever – I honestly can’t remember life without him. He’s changed so much in the last month!

Lucas went from barely crawling to ready to walk in a mere 30 days! He crawls all over the place – literally over too, the world is his obstacle course. Not only that, he’s standing and walking along furniture. He is SO proud of his ability to stand up it’s adorable when he shows off.

He enjoys daycare more now which is a huge relief. He doesn’t love it but he likes it more and that makes work days much easier for me.

Sleep… well I’m not sleeping much. Lucas still loves his cradle but hates the playpen. It doesn’t matter how hard he’s sleeping the moment his body touches the mat he rolls on to all fours and becomes a smiling puppy. So I often start the evenings in basement so he sleeps in the cradle and honestly end up holding him between the hours of 1:30 and 6:30 because he eats 3 times and does not want to be let down. This is probably not good long term but for now I’ll continue to give Starbucks all our money so I can cuddle my boy.

When he wakes up in the morning he’s SO happy (not that he isn’t almost always happy), we groggily love on him and distract him with toys so we can half sleep a bit longer.

Lucas is a superstar. He’s still a serious little fella and so well-behaved, everyone comments on how good he is when we go out.

He still loves to read and one of the cutest moments was when he dragged a book over to Grandpa’s feet and climbed up his leg to have him read to him. They are best buds and Lucas loves to play with his glasses (which is not good) and his Notre Dame ring (which is permissible).

Lucas also gets lots of model practice with Grandma, who totally spoils but he’s not letting it go to his head yet.

We discovered Lucas is allergic to eggs which makes me nervous about other foods. He’ll try different things but prefers mums and his mum. He will hilariously flip himself into position when he’s ready to nurse.

While I’m a favorite when he’s hungry or sleep, it’s all about ‘Dada’ the rest of the time. He’ll crawl far and wide to find him (and even attempt the stairs). Danny is his buddy and they have a lot of fun wrestling together (I get some pretty good laughs when I sniff him like a bunny).

He’s not a talker but I’m convinced he’ll say Grandpa before Mama because he’ll make a ‘Grrr’ sound but no ‘Mmm’, consequently, my mom will also miss out even though she’s contributing to the Grand attempt.

Lucas you are simply amazing and so adored.


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