Reading Round-Up


I’ve been reading a lot lately and loving it. Since I’ve learned to put down books I don’t enjoy, my reading success rate has been at all time highs. Here are some recent reads and some alternatives.

Light Read – The Truth According to Us:  Don’t let the size intimidate you, this heartfelt novel is a fast read. The characters are charming and will make you smile, laugh and cry. It’s part mystery, part romance and part girl-power.

Similar to  To Kill A Mockingbird.

Historical – America’s First Daughter: Novels can be the best way to read a biography and some lives warrant it. Martha Jefferson is one such woman. Thomas Jefferson’s daughter lived a fascinating life. Through her trials and tribulations you find a new way to look at the revolutions in America and France, politics, plantation life, slavery and feminism.

Similar to Empress of the Night

‘Sophisticated’ – Dept. of Speculation: This book is very “New York”, a bit much for this Midwestern girl but given it’s length I finished it in a few hours. A moody look at marriage and life through a Manhattan lenses.

Similar to Fate and Furies

Traditional Liars & Saints: A multi-generation novel that spans multiple decades, I couldn’t put it down. The Santerre family have the outward appearance of a classic Catholic family in the 20th century but what lies beneath is gripping and tragic. It borders unbelievable but it’s written so well it couldn’t be more real.

Similar to Some Luck

HumorHow to be Parisian Where You Are: This ‘style guide’ is a fun, magazine read. I was delighted to discover, I may be more Parisian than I thought.

Similar to Amy Poehler’s Yes Please

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