Baptism Luncheon

I love to throw a party and Lucas’ baptism was a perfect reason to celebrate. Since he’s such a popular boy, we had far more guests than space at our house and rented the clubhouse. Initially, I wasn’t going to do too much in way of decor but after reading about Anna’s birthday party for her daughter, I was inspired. I went to Pinterest for general inspiration and modified ideas and thought of some of my own. It was fun to plan for and turned out exactly as I hoped it would. Focusing on a few areas and not the entire room is my favorite blogger party tip.


The banner was easy to make out of scrapbook paper. I used gifts to the godparents as additional decor (in extravagant dollar store frames). I always admire others flowers arrangements and for once, I really liked my own. I ordered carnations and baby’s breath and conveniently picked up some greenery at the grocery store that I used in both the large and small arrangements.


Simple centerpieces were appropriate for the occasion but I added a blue bow from Party City since it was a boy party and to counter the doily.


The clubhouse art is hideous and I learned a great tip from Cara when she did the baby shower – cover it up with wrapping paper! I used what I had on hand and created a sign with a quote from St. Luke (who Lucas was named for). Since it’s finally spring I wanted to make light cupcakes. I used my go-to cupcake trick for lemon and lime cupcakes (two different kinds of cupcakes not a combo). Moist vanilla cake mix, replace water with lemon/lime juice and add lemon/lime zest. Perfect citrus cake! I was going to make buttercream frosting but at the last minute found a fantastic whipped cream topping recipe. The cupcake stand is can be found here.


The baby’s breath garland was a risk but turned out beautifully and was surprisingly easy. 8 sprays of baby’s breath and a little bit of white string.


I set aside my bird fears for the occasion too and added a few doves of peace I made out of scrapbook paper.


My favorite thing from the party is the baptism book. It’s a great addition to Lucas’ book collection and we used it as a ‘guest book’. I encouraged Lucas’ cousins to sign it because they are so much older than he is and I know he’ll look up to them. I thought they would just sign their names and was touched to read the loving messages they left for him.

Lucas, you are a very special boy. You have a wonderful life and family. Love Alex

Dear Lucas, I’m your cousin Audrey! I hope you have a great time being a baby even though you won’t remember. I love you!!! Audrey ❤

Dear Lucas, This is your cousin Madeline and I hope you can grow up happily and become a great man. Love you (sorry our letters are kind of…weird. It probably helps you know us better at least lol 🙂 ) ❤ xoxo Madeine

Dear Lucas, This is your cousin Sydney, probably your favorite. I love you! And I hope you become a good boy! Hahaha!! Love, Sydney 

Dear Lucas, I hope you grow up to be a great person and I hope you won’t be the last cousin we have – Elain

Dear Lucas, You have crazy cousins, but you will have fun with us. I hope you grow up to be a good man. Alyssa

Dear Lucas, I’m your cousin Madison. Congrats on your baptism. I love you! ❤ Madison

I’ll post some people pictures tomorrow.

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