Happy Friday


Mr. B brought Danny’s baptism items over last weekend and I’m so glad we’ll be able to use them for Lucas. Catholicism has always been more than a religion to me but part of my identity. Being mixed in the 90s wasn’t as common as it is today and being Catholic was a similarity shared by both sides of my family. It is once again a connector, this time for my family and Danny’s since they are otherwise pretty different. I’m looking forward to having everyone together for party Sunday, although I feel for Lucas who will surely be passed around like a hot potato.

As for the weekend, it will involve a lot of party prep. I have picked up nearly everything but need to put it all together. Set-up Sunday morning before Mass will be interesting. Here’s hoping our hungry man can manage. Saturday we’ll celebrate Elain’s birthday (Danny’s niece/god-daughter). I’m doing great with walks but I need to find time to hit the gym for some strength training and a treadmill run. But for now, I’m preparing for a visit to the zoo with Lucas. In a positive effect of social media story, we’re meeting up with a friend from high school and her little boy. We had a couple classes together but have talked more on Facebook over the years than at CHS and I’m excited to see her in person.

P.S. Another great recipe

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