Lucas’ Baby Shower


This weekend we were beyond spoiled with love and presents by friends and family. Cara took the lead and planned an AMAZING party  that was more fun and perfect than I ever imagined it could be. And Danny earned all kinds of good husband points by staying the entire time to be photographer (and charming host). Gina came up with fun, quick games (including a celebrity baby name game that I totally would have won if I played) and prizes. Lindsey made adorable ready to ‘pop’ popcorn party favors. And Melissa brought the beverages. I’m so grateful to have such a loving group of ladies who wanted to make sure I had a special day.

I’m lucky to have dozens of people who came out and showered us with gifts for Lucas. His room is currently packed with goodies. The complete list will go in his baby book and I’ll keep the photo frenzy for the blog.

One blog like note: I registered using Baby List and loved it. It wasn’t a perfect system and not everyone was able to figure it out; however, it was worth the risk to be able to have one unified list from a variety of stores. I didn’t have to limit myself to brick and mortar or even Amazon. I think it is going to become a more mainstream option so if you are looking to register, I’d check it out.

Also my dress is from H&M and NOT maternity [hence the short length]. Turns out there is a maternity option online if that is preferred.


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